Why Canada has become a popular destination for Immigrants?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by space. The main reason Canada has become the hot spot for many immigrants especially from the United Arab Emirates to relocate and get permanent residence status is that the Canadian Immigration laws are somewhat lenient and comfortable. migrate to canada from dubai is increasing over the years. Some of the important factors that attract many immigrants towards Canada are listed below.

• Growing Economy – Although Dubai is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, a majority of jobs available in the market are sales jobs. Canada is an alternative that is developing its IT sector tremendously with a skillful and energetic workforce along with other sectors like forestry, mining, agriculture, and natural gas. The skilled workforce with tons of employment opportunities makes the country an attracting magnet for the workforce from other countries
• Natural beauty and peace of life – Canada is known for its natural beauty placed in the North-Western part of the world. Having a low crime rate and beautiful terrains to live in Canada attracts some more immigrants.
• Quality Education – Another important factor that attracts the youths of other nations towards Canada is the quality education provided by top graded universities in the world. The talented young graduates from all over the world are willing to pursue their higher studies in Canada. Work facilities for international students both on-campus and off-campus are the addition of sugar.
• Well regulated PR and Visa options – The processes of visa application and PR application is very well structured and easy in the Canada Immigration. One can find lots of ways to apply for a PR in Canada and get approved easily.
• Cultural diversity – Since Canada is an immigrant-friendly nation, one cannot find any opposition against races in Canada. It is a hub for a variety of cultures everybody living with at most freedom of expression. This attracts a lot of immigrants.

Posted on June 26, 2020