Everything You Want To Know About Emotional Support Animal Letter

Certain events in one’s life can leave that person emotionally traumatised and in need of help. Who can be better support for such people than animals preferably dogs? There are dogs are who are trained for this job and help the person to recuperate and overcome the trauma or the distress. However, to obtain such an animal, one needs an emotional support animal letter.

Who can issue emotional support animal letter?
This letter can be issued only by a licensed medical professional. It needs to confirm that the applicant is under the care of a doctor or therapist or a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The health professional must believe that the animal will help the applicant in alleviating the distress and be the harbinger of therapeutic benefits.
One’s family doctor can also issue the letter if he or she is a licensed primary care physician. He or she should be taking care of the applicant’s mental health during the issuing of the letter. This provision works for those who live in remote areas or have tight-packed schedules.
How should the letter be issued?
It should be accepted only if it is issued on the official letterhead of the doctor. The letter must state that the mental condition of the applicant is in severe need of an emotional support animal.
Why you should never the emotional support animal letter?
• It is a crime according to the USA’s federal laws. It could lead to jail time and felony charges.
• In some states, the fine could be as high a $125,000 if caught.
The qualification screening test is simple and it can be verified if the applicant truly needs the letter or not. So don’t try to play the system.
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